The Team


We started as a team of four members: Dominik Weber has discussed the idea of the project with the university and then looked for a group to realize the project. Pascal Stulier, Philipp Csernalabics (students at Karlshochschule) and Benedikt Stolz (student at the KIT) joined Dominik and started in May 2013 with the first drafts and brainstormings. As none of the four had any experience in gastronomical affairs, it was also very important to gain some insights, e.g. by participating in workshops or discussing the idea with people from the industry). The project team and the university worked closely together, so that the plans for the Café were included in the university’s renovation, suppliers were chosen and finally, in December 2013, the “holding” of the KarlsCafé, a German non-profit organization, was founded.

The Café is not only led, but also run by students. Currently, 9 new members joined the “start-up” to supply their friends and professors with coffee and snacks. {…Pictures will follow soon…}

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