The Products


We are serving the students’ most favorite things: Of course, coffee of every kind is one of them – Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and so on. From time to time, we are adding some products. If it comes to the exhausting final-weeks, we are adding some high doses of caffeine (aka the “tripple death” – check it out soon). In the summer, we’ll add iced coffees to keep you refreshed and also awake.

However, not even a student can solely consume coffee. We hence added a variety of soft-drinks to our offer – icecold, of course. The classic Coke, Diet Coke, RedBull, juices and the students’ hipster-drink ClubMate. Especially loved are also our social drinks “LemonAid” and “ChariTea“. The start up, which sells those drinks, guarantees to donate some money from every bottle sold to non-profits from all over the world – “drinking helps”.
And again, we provide some seasonal offers, e.g. some smoothies and shakes for Karlsruhe’s hot summers.

In addition to the drinks, we also got some food. As Karlshochschule does not didn’t provide any canteen, the students had to go out for lunch. Here’s the turnaround: From now on, we are serving you delicious “pitas” (customized and freshly made sandwiches) and tarté flambées (of course, directly served out of the oven).

For the upcoming term, we plan to offer weekly specials. As we are housed in an “international university”, we’ll also be serving the world’s delicacies. Mexican burritos, Italian pizza, French baguettes, and many others. Of course, the country’s local drinks will also be served.

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