The Pricing

We try to keep our prices as low as possible in order to fit the students’ budget. Currently, we are able to offer our delicious drinks and food cheaper than our “competitors” enabled by two main reasons: The initial funding of the project by the university and the support we receive on a continuous basis.Pricing 2

The initial funding is split into two main parts: A “grant” of the uni and a credit. The credit has to be repaid within five years without interest rates.

However, the Café is ought to be profitable in the future: All our expenses should be covered by our earnings. Another big challenge is the turnover: As students at Karlshochschule mostly spent only four semesters in Karlruhe and go abroad afterwards, we have to change the management team annually.

The probably most expensive part is the wages for our employees. However, this is not regarded as “costs” but more as an investment in the life at Karlshochschule: We were able to create 9 new jobs for students. In addition, all the “profits” generated by the KarlsCafé will be reinvested in the students’ lounge. So, at the end of the day, by consuming something at KarlsCafé, the students make an investment in their lounge and support their friends working at the Café.

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