The Concept

There are three main “external” stakeholders: Students, professors and staff of Karlshochschule, and the Karlshochschule as a university. Making a long story short, we aim to make our university more lively.

We offer the students the possibility to get some high quality coffee and foot at a cheap price. In addition, we are employing students only. Doing so we are able to give them something in return besides the money they receive: Experience. As the Café is also led by students, the management team will annually be changed. Some very active and committed students get the opportunity to run “their” business. They are the ones responsible for the Café’s success and will get some insights into leadership, organization, human resources, marketing – and it’s not a case study, it’s a real company!


Karlshochschule’s staff will – of course – receive the same service as the student. The Café will improve the atmosphere at the university and make it even more friendly and opened. The Café becomes a meeting room for everyone. Do you know any place where you can have a chat with your professor besides the lecture rooms? We do.

For the university, we were able to fix a small but to some very important deficit: From now on, there is “sort of a” canteen. The students don’t have to go out for lunch every day. And at the end of the day, it’s a great story: Karlshochschule seen as a start up incubator – they are giving you the means and room to turn your ideas into action.

It is to be hoped that KarlsCafé will become an inherent part of our university. Even though our systems, processes and product offers may not be “fine-tuned” up to this point, you should keep in mind that we’re full time students and not Café-owners. Feedback is always welcome and it will decisively influence our decision-making and development. We are happy to receive your opinion via Facebook, our website, via mail ( or directly at the counter. In that sense, we build upon your support and hope to see you soon at the Café!

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