The Idea

I'm a student – I need Coffee.

TheIdea 2Students love coffee – but wait, our uni does not didn’t offer any. The idea of our project is – for sure – not a new one, because it‘s present nearly every day: Why don‘t we have a cafeteria at Karlshochschule?

We, that‘s Dominik Weber, Philipp Csernalabics (both IMA3), Pascal Stulier (IB3) and Benedikt Stolz (KIT), have been working very hard on this issue for the past six months and have finally finished the founding and proudly present you the “KarlsCafé”. However, the end of the founding is the start of the next challenges.

The aim of this project is to establish a Café delivering high-quality coffee to students, lecturers, professors, staff and guests of Karlshochschule. Along with that, we also want to serve food, e.g. sandwiches – of course freshly made for you. The heart of the idea: The Café is both led and operated by students – we could say “from students to students”. Besides that, an important aspect of the project is to make Karlshochschule and especially the Lounge on the 3rd floor a more enjoyable and lively meeting point. Hence, we are organizing events like speeches and after-works.

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